How to seduce a woman on the internet?

Flirting on a dating site

You are single and you want to seduce a woman on the internet? You are registered on a meeting application or on a dating site such as: CHAT NRJ, Badoo, Tinder, AdopteUnMec, Loovoo, AdopteUnMec or Meetic. Download now the guide to succeed to flirt online, it’s free!

Step 1: Your photos

The photos of your profile is the number one step to seduce on a dating site, if you do not succeed this step it will be useless to discuss with the girl, see even on some sites you can not discuss as long as the girl does not allow you. I advise to have between 2 and 5, a level of equivalent quality! Yes, avoid the extra photo that may change the person’s opinion! It happens so often! So better 2 super photos that 5 average!

Where men focus on the physical, women pay a lot of attention to the environment (the background of the photo, the number of people, clothing, expression, attitude). By the way, think about changing decor and expression. Indeed, there is no point in having 5 identical photos. Last advice, avoid professional photos type CV and evening photos too drunk … Prefer holiday photos for example.

Step 2: your description

Women read the description much more often than men, so you know what to do! Be sincere to avoid discomfort during appointments. Your ad must show who you are, you must communicate well to show that you are happy and good about yourself. Have you ever seen ads with a catchy title? It’s called teasing and that’s exactly what you need to do! The first sentence is capital. If she is not catchy, the person will not read more.

Step 3: Random Chat Sites

If you are ready to meet new singles online, you should choose the right chat site for you. SItes like Omegle and Tchat NRJ offer a great webcam chat service to talk to random strangers online.

Step 4: The discussion

When your profile is ready, you still have to talk with a girl online more or less, it really depends on each girl. In our guide of seduction, you will learn the ways to start a discussion, “The opener” is the first sentence, it is important to start the conversation with a girl, then not to appear immediately “needy “, In need, we must know several techniques still unknown to the general public. You will find all these valuable tips in our seduction coaching app.