Staying Safe on Webcam Dating Sites Like Omegle and ChatRandom

Today, sexual harassment and Sextortion is one of the most widespread in global fraud, after drug trafficking and prostitution, cybercrime is the third most common crime in the world. Digital sex fraud exists. It is not virtual.

Sextortion on Webcam Sites

Unfortunately, many victims of Sextortion have passed the question of believing that things will be settled, and pushed young victims to suicide, the scam is the first thing that can happen in a random chat webcam site like Omegle, several people are scam victims and the problem develop over time as the master-singer blackmails his victim to broadcast videos with a money counterpart, this phenomenon is called “sextortion” the master-singer begins with to invent a fake attractive and sexy profile on a dating site with webcam. He then finds a victim whom he proposes to continue a conversation based on the conditions of the website.

There, he gets his victim undressing in front of his webcam. What he does not suspect is that on the other side of the screen, the author records everything … which then allows him to threaten and blackmail the victim trapped or publish these images or videos on Internet.

That can cause to pay a certain amount of money. It was possible to provoke the excitement of the other by a hot cat or a naughty telephone conversation, the evolution of technological means at our disposal allowed more fantasy by adding the image to sound or writing. It is therefore our Webcam that we need to be able to have virtual sex with partners from all walks of life and without ever being forced to meet.

Because the objective to be satisfied at a distance and get pleasure, this phenomenon has experienced an incredible evolution in the last years until some dating sites charge you a subscription fee terribly expensive and after 5 min you are disconnect live chat and here the addicts of this kind of sites lose their balance quickly and without explanation.

Staying out of action is among the worst mistakes

If you are looking for a partner or a temporary adventure to cam2cam. Whenever you decide to establish a relationship on the Internet and use Skype chat, Facebook or other social network, with an unknown person, you must be very vigilant. Although not always the case, and we are sure, the internet also has plenty of crooks and cybercriminals. To avoid falling into the trap of “love” or “sexual” fraud, keep the following tips in mind:

Check if the person you are interacting with exists and is real

To do this, do a search on the Internet of the person concerned. Not only the search for his name used, for example, keywords, on the details of his life that he revealed. Try to gather as much information as possible, without revealing much about yours. Check if they have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and if they match the person you think is related.

Perform an image search on the Internet

You can also do a search for the image of the person on the Internet. With that, you will check if its real image exists on the network, if it was used and how? The data that fraudsters use when creating profiles is 90% of the time data from other people.

Your privacy

When the trust between the two begins to unravel and you start counting the deepest intimacies …. Warning ! Do not think about disclosing your privacy. Do not reveal much information about yourself while you are not sure who you have in front of your screen.