Tinder: 11 tips and tricks to increase your chances of getting a date

Tinder inspires me. I have been on vacation for a few weeks and although my days are quite busy, I decided to install the app again to kill the time between two getaways or two activities. I could have taken the opportunity to go on the books I started, work more on personal projects, get back to sport or meditation, but no, do not ask me why, I opted for Tinder.

I am not looking for an ephemeral meeting, nor do I tell myself that I am there to find love, and I do not try to chat for months with anyone either. Yes, I am one of the people (a bit annoying) who are there out of curiosity, without really knowing why, and who alternate between installations and uninstall the tinder app

That being said, I had some pleasant exchanges, some very funny, others quite confusing and all that made me want to write this article which amuses me a lot. I share with you advice that I would give to those who want to get an appointment with this application, you tell me what you think:

1. Avoid being (passive) aggressive in your description

Some people have had bad experiences via Tinder (https://tinderfrance.com/) (have not we all had more or less bad experiences via Tinder?) And instead of moving on, they decide to share it with everyone via their profile. For example, I read sentences such as: “If you do not know what you want, next” or “Not here to lose my time” … Not very attractive as a first contact, right?

2. Forget about ready-made rules like “I never take the first step”

In addition to this type of sentence that does not give me any desire to start a discussion, I do not know why but I have frequently read two rules on this app. The first: it is the one who matches the last one who starts the conversation first. The second: after several days without conversation and / or response after a match, the match will be removed “… Go for it! Uh, seriously, why set up rules on Tinder to start?

3. Read the profile of the coveted person

The bio description on Tinder are not necessarily very explicit and you will not know much about your future interlocutor by reading them. However, some people talk about their hobbies or passions and it’s a good icebreaker to start a conversation and show your interest. (Do you say that it will also avoid asking questions about information already in the descriptions).

4. You do not know what to say? Ask questions !

I have no problem to start or feed a discussion but this is not the case for everyone. Sometimes the discussions lack fluidity and personally, I feel some discomfort. If your interlocutor please you but can not speak, do not give up (immediately) ask him questions. Most people like to talk about themselves and get interest from each other.

5. Do not put “? »And even less« ???? When you do not have an answer as fast as you want

I am known for not being very responsive in my responses to messages of all kinds. And I find it so oppressive to react by offending or sending question marks. Nobody likes being pressured to answer. If on Tinder you put pressure to get an answer, I wonder what it gives when you are in a relationship … We are on Tinder. No pressure. Go meet other profiles while waiting and talk with other people.

6. Choose: either a good description or a good photo

I can understand that some people do not fully assume to be on this type of platform, either ashamed, because they are in a relationship and their partner is not aware or for any other reason. However, no matter what your situation, if you want to make you want to like your profile, opt for an attractive description or for a photo that makes you want to come and talk to you.

7. Avoid posting nostalgic photos of you 10 years ago

Unless you rely on your super charisma and your chat, it will save you time and time for the other. If your date expects to see a person looking like the pictures in your profile but you’ve changed completely since then, he’ll feel cheated. Put yourself in his place …

8. Like more pages on Facebook

As you know, Tinder is connected to Facebook. Having mutual interests could increase your chances of swiping right when reading your profile or responding to your messages. Tinder displays Facebook pages that you have in common with your match. So log on to Facebook and start liking the pages of your movies, writers, TV shows, restaurants, etc … No need to do too much or lie, do not like only the pages you really like!

9. Do not talk (too much) about your last break

We have all had love disappointments and breaks and it is perfectly normal and healthy to want to talk about it. However, is your Tinder match the best person to talk to about this? We know for sure, you will necessarily end up addressing the subject so if it comes naturally in your exchanges, do not hesitate to talk about it, just be careful not to pick on the subject or to show your despair.

10. Avoid saying “How Are You Doing? “

No one is safe from inadvertently making mistakes, or because we do not master all the rules of this language which is, let’s face it, quite difficult. It is not too late to improve in spelling, because know that there are more and more women ready to reject a contender because too many spelling mistakes …

11. Be yourself

In any case, the best advice that could be given in the search for your alter ego would be: “Be yourself”. Do not be afraid to fully assume your personality, your fears and your faults. As they say, there are plenty of fish in the water!

I decided that this article is participatory to the image of this blog. So, I look forward to your advice on your use of Tinder and by extension your search for love via mobile apps so that I can update this article. Alor, to your comments!