Tinder app explained: Tinder Plus, Tinder online

Tinder is a free new generation dating app. Some information on a person, photos and in a second, we can choose to like the person or not … In this article, find all the details about this application, how to use it, what is Tinder Plus or Tinder online, the different reviews on this app and more info!

Tinder Plus

The application is free but given its success, they have released new options, but it will take a few euros to enjoy. But what does it offer you in addition? You were limited to 50 “swipe right” per day but it becomes unlimited with Tinder Plus.

Then, the option “Cancel” that allows you to return to the previous profile you just passed. So if you are clumsy, this option is for you.

Then, there is the option “Passport”, it can be located anywhere in the world and meet foreigners. There is no longer the limit of 160 km of the basic app. Practice if you want to settle later in another country or if you think that your soul mate does not have the same nationality as you.

For your comfort, with a few euros, you can say goodbye to advertisements to fully focus on the search for love.

The last option is Swipe which allows you to cancel your last like. New paid options you like?

Tinder Online

This is a test version that would allow you to use Tinder on a computer through a browser. On his phone, we do not always have sufficient connection to go on the application and it is on this principle that this version is tested before being deployed on the whole world. The capacity of this version will be limited even if the basic principles will remain. We will need Facebook to connect, we can swipe and discuss if there is a match!

This is the VIP version, a secret version for celebrities, a group of individuals considered to be the elite to prevent them from mixing with the rest of the users. They will meet only people of their rank.

General information about the application

Tinder was created in 2012 by 4 Americans, it is a dating application that has had a real success with a dozen million users. The principle is simple, it works by geolocation. In other words, if there are people around you who are registered on this app and who meet your criteria you can find them on Tinder.

Tinder: how to use it?

It’s a breeze, you download the free application on Android or iPhone or iPad. You need to sign up with Facebook to link your profile and Tinder’s. Facebook makes your registration and search easier. Indeed, the centers of interest that you liked on Facebook and that you share with a person will appear on his profile but also the friends that you have in common. You must then define criteria such as sex, age and distance to find the person who corresponds to you.

When you have done all that, you see profiles appear and you can decide whether they like you or not. The principle is simple, you “swipe right”, it means that the person is to your taste and you “swipe left” if it is the opposite. Then, if you like a profile and it is reciprocal, you will have a match, you can then discuss with him. But rest assured, no one can communicate with you if you have not liked his profile before.

The next step is to finish your profile. You must choose your photos. Other users base their choices especially on photos.

So you have 3 interfaces:

The first, represented by a man, allows you to modify your profile as your photos or your description. But also all the settings that concern the app or your search.

The second is the most important, this is where you can choose the profiles that interest you by swiping! In your searches, the application gives you two possibilities, you can try singles or groups of people to go out in the evening.

The last interface contains all the matches and conversations that you can start or continue.

Technology allows us today to meet people who are close to you and especially without leaving your home. It is for everyone regardless of age, taste etc. You can use it anywhere and anytime from your phone.


Opinions differ on this application. There are a number of users who sign up to find one-night stories. It’s fast and convenient for this kind of relationship. But rest assured, it is also quite possible to meet love on this application. Just take your time and indicate that it is for a serious relationship that you have registered!